Concept design, planning and consulting services

The Fraunhofer Water Systems Alliance offers planning services at both technical and of strategic planning levels.

Technical planning

  • Planning of plants for water purification, wastewater treatment and complete water infrastructure systems for industrial and municipal use
  • Creation of plans for servicing, maintenance and repair
  • Strategies on how to ensure a reliable water supply and sewage treatment
  • Safety concepts for infrastructure systems

Strategic planning

  • Modeling and planning of hydrological water management processes, sustainable utilization of groundwater resources and management of catchment areas
  • Strategic planning for the construction of new systems for water supply or sewage disposal in residential locations
  • Development of plans for the sanitation, modernization and adaptation of existing water infrastructure systems and changes to framework conditions
  • Transition strategies for innovative, sustainable infrastructure concepts

Consulting services

Besides technology consultancy for both private and public clients, the Fraunhofer SysWater Water Systems Alliance provides strategic consulting services for local authorities and governments including analyses and assessments, capacity building, business models, the development of implementation strategies and/or financing concepts in the field of water management.

All of the following are integrated in mid and long-term plans for the water sector by considering their interfaces with other supply and disposal sectors:

  • analyses and assessments of economic, ecological, climatic and demographic framework conditions and developments
  • user behavior
  • administration and approval processes
  • legal constraints and requirements.