Water management

Three sectors are especially important for efficient water management:

Process measurement technology

A wide range of problems faces the operators of water supply and wastewater treatment plants in connection with measurement technology. The members of the Fraunhofer Water Systems Alliance specialize extensively in the major fields pertaining to this sector.

The automation of plants

Plants for water supply and wastewater treatment are characterized by complex forms of interdependency. It is no longer possible to run a plant efficiently without using modern technologies for steering and controlling.

Process simulation and optimization

It is not easy to typify the complex control and regulation of water management processes, plants and treatment methods. Tasks to be solved include

  • the model-supported water management of transregional storage systems and widely spread water suppy nets
  • how to control the growth of biocoenosis in modern wastewater plants
  • the extremely non-linear controlling of chemical titration methods
  • the robust inflow and outflow regulations for decentralized water suppy and wastewater treatment plants.