Sewage sludge disintegration

The Alliance has been successful in its attempts to improve the efficiency of anaerobic sewage sludge treatment by using ultrasound to disintegrate parts of the sludge.

Ultrasonic treatment

  • speeds up the decomposition of organic substances
  • increases biogas production
  • improves the dewatering of residual sludges
  • reduces the need for additives.

All these advantages lead to significant reductions in operating costs.

Current studies are under way to deal with problematic topics such as floating and bulking sludge, foam formation during digestion and the supply of internal carbon sources for denitrification.

Cleaning membranes with ultrasonic sound

A combination of back-flushing and exposure to ultrasonic sound with high frequencies has proved to be especially suitable for cleaning membranes in water treatment plants. This method obtains excellent cleaning results with low energy consumption.