Integrated urban structures for water, energy and waste

It is vital for both society and the economy that our water infrastructure systems are sustainable and efficient. However, dynamic change should not mean that out-of-date structures are extended in a chaotic manner as this could harm both the climate and the environment as well as the long-term cost-effective running of the systems.

It is worthwhile to take a holistic look at various areas of urban infrastructure as these are often closely interlinked. Energy can be generated from wastewater and waste, and is itself needed to supply water and treat wastewater.

Components of water supply and wastewater disposal should not be considered separately but together with transport routes in order to draw up an integrated master plan for more efficient infrastructure systems. On the other hand, the differentiated development of single components within an overall urban concept will provide further flexibility in the future and help make water supply and wastewater disposal systems safer and more sustainable.